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  • Flying To China.

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    Today is the day. The day my adventure begins. I am feeling more than one emotion that’s for sure. I’m nervous, anxious, and very excited.

    Right now I’m on the plane going to New York, where I plan on eating a big ass burger… or something a long those lines.

    Second flight.  I am now officially out of the United States. The airplane I’m on now has as 2 floors, it’s huge, but I’m probably one of the only white people on it. I’m not so nervous anymore, more excited.  I don’t know what I’m going to do for 13 hours, there’s no movie like I thought there would be, but that is okay. The food is not the best,, I’ll survive though.

  • Beginning Of My Adventure.

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    Today I am finishing packing, and then tomorrow I’ll be leaving for China. I’m getting very nervous but excited at the same time!