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    Today has been a very busy day. Chris and I walked overt to Joy Pointe which is a little bakery/coffee shop. We’ve been going there every morning, he orders coffee, and I try the different teas. This morning I had “Lipton Iced Grapefruit Tea”, it was very interesting to watch them make it, they added jam for the grapefruit flavor. A little strange tasting, but I like it. I also ordered some cake for my breakfast, it was very good. We then walked over to the school, had Chinese lessons. Afterwards, we cooked hamburgers with the kids, and they loved them. I am now on my break, and then we will be taking the kids to the market to get stuff for fruit salad.



    Yesterday Linda (our assistant) took us to this beautiful place where there was lots of little shops. We had tea with this man, on his beautiful wood table. I’ve never seen anything like it. The whole thing fascinated me. Making tea here is an art. He was very pleased to have us in his shop, and told us to come back whenever we please.

    There aren’t very many foreigners here. So, everyone treats us like we are celebrities. It’s a great feeling. We get stopped by many people asking to take pictures of us. Some other interesting things in China are that the kids here don’t wear diapers. So, their clothing has a slit where their butt is, and when they go to the bathroom it just falls out. Walking down the street you see shit everywhere. Also, in China they love to sleep. The other day the 3 of us were walking down the street and there were construction workers sleeping on the sidewalk. I found it very strange, but here it is considered normal.


    I haven’t had a chance to take very many pictures, but I don’t work over the weekends. So, I should be able to take some.